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TV: LOST - Born To Run [Ep. 22] and Exodus Pt. 1 [Ep. 23]

This set is quite late but I made up for it by making Exodus icons as well. ^_^ I can't believe Lost made me cry again! I won't speak much about the episode since I might spoil some of you who haven't seen it but it was really sad. =( Spoilerish icons btw so be careful. ;) Anways, comment+credit+share+enjoy! ^_^ No hotlinking!

04. 19.
They're here!Collapse )
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i didn't take any but these are gorgeous! amazing job!
credit when used
these are great. What font did you use on the last 3?
Palatino Linotype. ^_^
Took 5, 12 and 15. Will credit when I use. Thanks!
Oh - I won't use them ... I have too less icons myself (I need 100 user pics)
But they are lovely! *dreamsigh* the coloring!
Those are beautiful! (Which part made you cry? The part you put in icons 20 & 21 really got to me...) I'm not taking any right now, but I'm going to put this in my 'pretty icons' memories :D
Definitely the Walt/Shannon scene and the goodbye scene! =( It was terrible.


12 years ago

Nominating #1, 19 and 18 at lost_awards.
Thank you! <333
taking a bunch, will credit. :)
#3 & 4. :o) Love the crisp colors.
Yay they're so bright and gorgeous. :)

Gah, posted in the wrong place before lol.
Took #19 and will credit!!! Thank you! =) BEAUTIFUL ICONS! :D
9,11, and 19. Will credit.
Snagged 19.
Took #'s 6 & 10. Will credit.
Hooray! A LumberJack Sawyer icon (snags)

And #15 (melts, then snags). Is it me, or does Josh look a little like Kurt Russell there?

16 is also very sweet. ;-D

Gorgeous!! Snagging #s 5, 11, 12, & 15. Will credit. Thank you! :)
great icons! grabbing #1, 2, 5, 9 & 12.
taking #10
will credit

beautiful :D
2, 9 :]
saved #19
11 & 12, will credit!
I took 19...very very very pretty.
taking # 7!
Oooh, taking No. 7. Thanks!
I also took 7..mmm tasty.
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