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Oookay... I went a little over 50 but I cut down the movie icons and made this an actor multi-fandom icon set instead. The movie set will follow soon. ;) These are icons of Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Holloway, Kate Winslet and Emilie de Ravin! 44 icons total. ^_^ Anyways, comment+credit+share+enjoy! ^_^ No hotlinking!

COMING UP: Super Star Wars Icon Set! ^_^ From episodes 1-6. 1-3!
{PIMP:} Don't forget to visit the_arsenal for some lovely icons! ^__^

19. 27.
I'll make him an offer he can't refuse...Collapse )
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this is mean.. but i've always tried to guess how much make-up hayden is wearing in the picture of #8.

these are gorgeous, took 15, 25, & 42.
LOLXD It does look like a lot was on, eh?
Oh and I JUST had to comment because of that
BEYOND AWESOME icon! LMAOXD What a sexy thang!


12 years ago

These are absolutely amazing. But that doesn't surprise me b/c I love your stuff. I'm not at my apartment right now, but when I get back next week I'll definitely be saving these.
So pretty! I saved 13, 17, 18, 29, 41, and 42. Thank you so much. :)
this community has the best icons on lj hands down.
these are all so gorgeous! taking #19
I'm always BEYOND in love with your icons...cannot WAIT for the Star Wars set! I snagged all of Hayden, some of Ewan and Natalie. BEAUTIFUL work! :)
I took 6!
4,6,10! Yes! These are gorgeous.
These are all so stunning -- I couldn't decide which ones to save! Saving a whole bunch of the Hayden, Natalie, & Ewan icons - will credit. Thanks!
OMG!!! love your hayden icons!! Will credit!!
I was looking in your icons to see who made that animated one and noticed that you took one of these icons from this set and havent credit dinosaurrricons. Just suggesting that you should, because I'm sure yodaamidala worked hard on them. sorry if i'm mistaken.


12 years ago

Took a few of them. Will credit when used. Thanks!!
took #8 because he's such a pretty boy.^^
Nabbed 4, 6 and 7, will credit when I use!
I am SO looking forward to that super Star Wars set! Maybe after that one you can make a super ROTS set!
Saved the Hayden ones!
I just died when I saw all these.
Especially since they are all of my favorite people.
I'm saving . . . all of them.
These are amazing!
Especially the Hayden Christensen ones.
& I'm looking forward to the Star Wars set.
& I will credit.
Snagging #6, will credit :)
OMG..I LOVE YOUR PERSONAL ICON..not to mention the gorgeous ones you posted..i am going to be taking some soon and you probably don't want me asking you this but could you make some godfather icons and post them??..that would probably be the most exciting day of my life..well just thought I'd ask and let you know how much I love your icons!
No problem! ^_^ I made some for the multi-fandom set #2 which will be up after the super star wars one. heeheeü or vice-versa. ;)

Sharing the Corleone love! <333

Re: <3


12 years ago

taking one from the hayden, one from natalie, one from ewan and one from kate. Will definitely credit!
beautiful! took all of hayden
Those are beautiful, I absolutely adore all your icons!
I find myself taking a bazillion Natalies :)
Took number 3, will credit..awesome icons
i took 6 and 10
Took 2, 3, and 42. Gorgeous!
taking #1 and #8 :D great set!

13 14 15 17 33 35 42
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