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Oookay... I went a little over 50 but I cut down the movie icons and made this an actor multi-fandom icon set instead. The movie set will follow soon. ;) These are icons of Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Holloway, Kate Winslet and Emilie de Ravin! 44 icons total. ^_^ Anyways, comment+credit+share+enjoy! ^_^ No hotlinking!

COMING UP: Super Star Wars Icon Set! ^_^ From episodes 1-6. 1-3!
{PIMP:} Don't forget to visit the_arsenal for some lovely icons! ^__^

19. 27.
I'll make him an offer he can't refuse...Collapse )
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I took the sith happens one....he's hot there's no doubting that.
Snagged #7 and will credit if used. Awesome job!
BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much. I took about 5 Hayden. I will credit of course when used. :D
taking 19 and 35
credit of course, i shall. :D
took 8, 11, 13, 27, and 34!
Not taking any. But I wanted to let you know I really like your icons. They're really pretty. <3

Mmm lovely! Saving five, seven, nine, twenty-six - twenty-eight. Will credit!
These are all so lovely. :) I snagged all of Hayden. Teehee. :D
Snagged # 5, 6, 10, 12, 25 and 33-36. I like your style, very kickass. Will credit. :D
weee. love #9!!!
Took a TON. Like always, right? xD

Will credit when I use them.
took all the ewan ones for later use!...will credit when used
GAWP! *tackles Hayden icons* Argh I'm never leaaving! ♥! I love them too much! Taking 6 & 8, I would take some more but I can only fit three icons *curses free account*! I love them!
Wow, beautiful, beautiful icons! And yay! Bald Natalie! I took #18-25, 32-34 and 36. I will credit dinosaurrricons, thank you. :)

Also, I hope this isn't rude of me to ask, but I've noticed that the images in your icons are always so sharp and clear. How do you achieve that?
5 28 25
took so so many, esp Hayden. Will credit. gorgeous work!
i took 22,34,42 will credit when i used. thanks.
Gorgeous! Nabbed a lot of Hayden, Natalie and Ewan. :D
taking #28:)
sooo beautiful!! i love the hayden an em icons! snagging a few. will credit of course!
oh, I took a few of the hayden christensen ones. :)
gorgeous stuff ! took 4,6,7,12 and 27
taken 8, will credit!
those are awesome. I took all of the hayden ones
K omg taking like all the Haydon ones, and some Ewan ;)
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