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Well, I wasnt supposed to submit some of these anymore since I found some icons to be quite similar. O_O Oh well, I uploaded them anyway since I dont want to waste my effort. Eeeee. The trailer is kick-ass! I can't wait! ^___^ Anyways, I've been hooked on Veronica Mars lately thanks to my good friends who lent me the whole first season [and consequently, I copied the CDs! LOLXD]. I might make icons too for VMars! ^___^ Kristen is so prettyyy. Soooo.. comment+credit+share+enjoy! <3 No hotlinking!

02. 07.

01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.
07. 08. 09.

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- FAQ here.
- Caps here.
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These are fabulous....and yes Veronica Mars is addictive....i love it.
Ooh! They're done! Yeah, I think every batch of VfV icons are pretty similar. Though I prefer yours to mine by a long shot.

Did you post them at vfv_icons?
OOh, thanks for letting me know! ^__^
So pretty! Snagging #8! Will credit.
Beautiful! :D
took 9.
Will credit.
these are awesome!
these are pretty.. im taking 1, 3

will credit if used..
saved #8!
taking some, brilliant :D
Snagged #8 :)
These are beautiful. I love #3 and #7. Wonderful crops! <3 stuff. Snagged 1 and 9, will credit. :D
Took 03, 06, 07, and 08.

I have been WAITING for you to post these. :)
verrry nice - saved number 8, will credit.
Yikes! I myself am going crazy to see V.
Taking some, they are beautiful.
Mind if I friend you as well?
those are so good. might take some later on but not right now. ofcourse i'll credit :)
ooooh I wanna see this movie. Great icons!
I saved 8. Will credit.
Very cool. Took 1-4. :)
hahaha! i was born on the 5th of november! :d i'll take #9 :d
took #5.
these are gorgeous. i will credit. thank you so much.
Taking number nine. Will credit. Thank you.
took 2, 3, 7, 8, 9.

what they did to me was monsterous.
so they created a monster.

i'm so excited for this movie!
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