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Dinosaurrr Icons!

Icons by Yodaamidala

Dinosaurrr Icons
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Hello! I am yodaamidala. I started making icons October of 2004. I used to post icons in my personal journal but I decided to move them to a place of their own. Now I have this icon community! You are free to join so do so now! ^_^ If you want to be personal friends though, you're free to add yodaamidala. No need to ask permission. ^_^

Tutorials will soon be posted to give you some new tips on making icons. I suggest you learn from the tutorial and develop your own style rather than completely duplicate the exact icon. That's bad. O_O Okay, I officially talk more than necessary. Let me end it here.

*EDIT* Check the memories for my tutorials.

Comments are highly appreciated! I'm the geeky type of iconist. I like reading through every comment cos it makes me happy. Heheheü So if you have time, do leave a comment! ^_^ Crediting is essential. No credit = stealing. But I'm not really the type who would harass you when I see you using my icon w/o credit. You may also use my icons outside LJ [like GJ or something] but be sure to credit!

I post in the ff. communities: buttah_icons, good_fanicons, takenote_icons, good_potoicons, good_losticons, decorous_icons, takenote_icons and kickass_icons.


Yeah! Spread the love, pleeassseee! ^_^

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